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Will your Annuity provide the income
you expect?  Not Sure...Not Good!
You need to know, and
Need to Know NOW.

You are likely here because you purchased an annuity to complement your Social Security Income during retirement, and to protect a portion of your retirement savings from market volatility and investment losses.  Regardless of the rationale,  your annuity is an integral part of your retirement portfolio. You made a good decision to see if your annuity is on track to deliver the income initially illustrated. 


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Detailed Analysis

Don't worry about insulting or alarming the agent who sold you the Annuity. If the Annuity is underperforming, the agent may feel guilty and try to "spin" the bad news to save face. Annuity Track will give you an honest thorough analysis with updated income projections. You need to know what income to expect if you are to make an informed decision regarding the future of your Annuity.

Our services are confidential and free of charge. 


Tracking Report Prepared

Your analysis will look back at your original income forecast (when you purchased the Annuity), and evaluate its to-date performance so you can better plan for the income it will more likely deliver. People had a tendency to purchase Annuities based on the high side of their future income projections.  All too often, future income is tracking to the lower end of the income projections. Annuity Track will help you better understand where you stand now,  and where you are likely headed.


Report Delivery

When the analysis is completed, you will receive an email with options to receive your report. Email is the default delivery method; however, we do recognize the concerns people have with email privacy. You can elect to have the report presented via a Zoom meeting or by phone. There is a shipping charge if the report is to be mailed or delivered by express carriers.

Why Check Now?

Many of "yesterday's Annuities" will greatly underperform their initial income projections; you are better off knowing that sooner than LaterDon't blame your agent, carrier, or product if your annuity is coming up short. So much has changed since COVID-19; especially, when it comes to financial products. Higher interest rates tend to negatively impact investments, but not Annuities. Higher interest rates actually enhance long-term insurance products. Imagine being able to increase your Annuity's distributions without additional costs or ongoing product fees. You are just a few clicks away from knowing if your annuity is "a keeper" or in need of a Replacement.

Clouds in the Sky

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Free analysis

Annuity Track is provided by Live.2.100, Inc., d.b.a., Retirement Architecture. Retirement Architecture provides advanced retirement planning designs (financial blueprints) for financial planners to better serve their clients.  Annuity Track is a FREE service intended to uncover annuity income shortcomings in hopes of intercepting them before income distributions begin. 
Retirement Architecture Direct Line: (866-294-3232) 1537, Rpoute 44-55, Clintondale, NY 12515

Your personal information is strictly protected by our Privacy Policy. Please also see our Terms of Use which governs the design editing and final drafting of our analysis. No purchase is necessary, you will never be asked for a credit card and your information will never be sold. By submitting this form, you hereby authorize Live.2.100, Inc. (d.b.a., Retirement Architecture) to contact you by email, phone, and SMS to discuss the Annuity Analysis prepared for you. Your information will not be sold or shared with anyone.

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